100 Percent Racecraft Roxburry S18, goggles


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The Racecraft represents our commitment to create an enhanced user experience, by providing racers with a higher level of functionality and accurate vision. The synthesis of precision engineering and minimalistic design results in a premium goggle that performs as great as it looks. Features
Outriggers: Helping to achieve perfect fit and balance. Removable nose guard: The attachment of the nose guard ensures stability and protection in the most testing conditions. Lens: Anti-fog coated Lexan lens for flawless vision. Shares the same lens shape across the product line. Lens attachment: 9 pin lens retention system. The highest number of retention points in the industry ensures a secure fit. Strap: 45mm wide, Silicon coated strap eliminates slippage. Air intakes: Patent pending technology channels air into the foam, aiding in moisture management. In the box: stack of standard tear-off s and a sublimated microfiber bag.


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