Abus 54TI/40HB63 Titalium Padlock 40 x 63mm Long Shackle


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The ABUS new generation of padlocks are strong, lightweight and innovative. TITALIUM™ is based on a special aluminium alloy, a mixture of materials is created that is extremely durable and lightweight; similar to the process used in aircraft construction. This contemporary product implementation is also reflected in the product design – all the locks in the TITALIUM™ series feature an impressive stainless steel like finish. Compared to classic brass padlocks, the locks in the TITALIUM™ series are around 30% lighter but feature the same level of security making them excellent value for money. The 54TI series is the standard level to the new generation of padlocks. With a TITALIUM™ lock body, rust-free internal components and 5 pin tumbler cylinder, a hardened steel double locking shackle, which resists saw attack, they offer optimum security against lower theft risks.The ABU54TI4063 Titalium long shackled padlock has the following specifications:Size: 40mm. Dimensions: 40 x 99 x 13mm. Internal shackle: 20 x 63mm. Packaging: Loose.


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