AFX FX-17 Factor, cross helmet


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Helmet Technology
Shell Design: An aerodynamic shell design constructed using an advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy. This helmet is specifically designed to fit adolescents and small adults Ventilation: 11 points of ventilation with chin, side, forehead, top and rear vent. 3 intake vents and 8 exhaust vents Google Guide on Eyeport Trim: Goggle strap grabbers Visor: A removable and adjustable (50mm) screw-on visor This helmet model meets or exceeds both ECE 22.05 and DOT FMVSS-218 motorcycle helmet safety standards Retention system is a race approved Double D-RING A clear coat finish to protect paint & graphics A large-size FX-17 weighs 1.55 kg or 3.42 lbs
Removable, washable and custom sizable Interior AFX helmet liners and cheek pads are made with a hypoallergenic andanti-microbial nylon, most of which are removable and washable. The size of this helmet is based on a combination of four factors: outer shell size, inner EPS thickness, comfort liner thickness and cheek pad thickness. The fit of the helmet can be customized by replacing your existing cheek pads with thinner cheek pads (for a looser fit) or thicker cheek pads (for a tighter fit). The fit can also be customized by replacing your existing comfort liner with a thinner comfort liner (for a looser fit) or thicker comfort liner (for a tighter fit). Please refer to the shell, liner and cheek pad compatibility chart below. Keep in mind these components can only be replaced inside the group of sizes contained in each size range block.

Helmet Shell & EPS Size XS-M L-XXL


Check Pad Thickness (mm) 28 24 20 28 24 20

Comfort Liner Thickness (mm) 10 8 6 10 8 6


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