Artelac Rebalance 10ml


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Artelac RebalanceArtelac Rebalance provides powderful hydration for long-lasting, effective relief from dry eyes caused by chronic tear dysfunction. The carefully selected ingredients naturally hydrate and supplement your deficient tears to rebalance the tear film so that it can provide the protection it should. It helps to break the cycle of damage by promoting a healthy ocular surface environment to allow it to start restoring itself.Artelac Rebalance contains:Multiple components for enduring relief and protection.Sodium hyaluronate, an effective moisturizer naturally found in eyes and tears, that replenishes your tear film for enduring relief.Mineral nutrients, such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, that provide nutrients to the eyes and help protect and promote a healthy tear film.An innovative preservative that converts into natural tear components upon contact with the eye surface for added comfort and protection.For best results, use Artelac Rebalance during the day and Artelac Nighttime Gel at night and for 24 hour relief.


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