Bessey DUO45-8 Duo Clamp Capacity 45cm


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Whether you are clamping or spreading: the original BESSEY DuoKlamp always lies securely in your hand. Thats because the handle and pump lever are parallel to the rail, thus ensuring the best possible hold. The innovative DuoKlamp makes going from clamping to spreading amazingly easy. This allows you to switch the convenient one-handed clamp from clamping to spreading at any time. Simply turn the knob and youre done. So all you need to do is switch not convert. The DuoKlamp DUO clamping and spreading easily with just one hand! Change from clamping to spreading by switching, not converting.Handle with pump lever parallel to the rail.Convenient one-handed operation, with little effort required.All-round clamping in front of, behind and to the side of the rail. Your benefits at a glance:1 Reversing.Dont disassemble the clamp JUST TURN THE KNOB! The practical turning knob allows you to switch easily at any time from clamping to spreading. 2 Parallel handle with pump lever. The ergonomically shaped handle with pump lever runs parallel to the rail. That way, balanced, safe handling is always guaranteed. 3 Rapidly-adjustable release lever.A press of a button is all it takes: the release lever allows the clamp to be immediately released, as well as rapidly adjusted. 4 Large jaw faces.The large, planar jaw faces made from impact- and fracture-resistant reinforced polyamide are exactly parallel. For gentle clamping of a very wide range of different shapes over the entire length of the rail, without spacers.The Bessey DUO458 has the following: Clamping force up to 1,200NOpening: 450mmThroat Depth: 85mmSpread: 75-535mmF Size: 9-470mmRail: 20 x 5mm Weight: 0.72kg


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