Bluetooth Car Kit Audio Receiver Hands-Free Stereo Music Player


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eatures: 1. Easy and simple to upgrade your car stereo Bluetooth hands-free wireless audio. 2. Play your smartphone, iPad, iPod, and other devices with Bluetooth products to music on, you can make your way through the wireless from your car stereo to play back synchronized to music on your smart device. 3. You can in the car within the scope of smart devices cozy browse your music on the list to select their own favorite music play / pause; previous song; next song, music selection, hands-free calls, etc. 4. Up to 90dB SNR and low audio distortion of 0.05% fully satisfy your demand for high quality audio. 5. Support Bluetooth hands-free function, you can listen to music while the bobble any phone. 6. Supports all with AUX input of the car stereo. 7. Supports up to five phone connection, and connect to the last one priority paired phone. 1. While you are about to go to the initial setup, you may connect the power and AUX first:  Insert the power plug into your car’s 12V power outlet (also known as the cigarette lighter). Insert the audio cable into your car’s AUX port. If the cable is too short, use the extension cable included in the package. Turn on your car stereo and set the input source to AUX. 2. And then, you may start to pair Your Phone: Press and hold the “Play/Pause/Answer” button until the button starts flashing.  On your phone, go to the Bluetooth settings menu. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on. On some phones, set your Bluetooth to search for new


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