BMW X5 E70 Rear Sport Suspension Air Spring (Bag)


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With the BMW X5 E70, the Bavarian car manufacturer BMW was able to conquer new territories in the SUV class. Available with sports suspension and optional air suspension, the vehicle is characterised by maximum driving comfort, especially on the off-road tracks. With the Aerosus air spring for the rear axle, you equip your BMW X5 E70 in a high-quality and professional way.
Quality Air Suspension for Your BMW X5 E70
The BMW X5 E70 enjoys a good reputation among SUV fans. It is regarded as particularly safe and impresses with its sporty handling on every track. We at Aerosus want to preserve these properties permanently even after a change of an air suspension component. For this reason, we have developed an air spring, which has the same quality as the OEM part. The Aerosus air spring for the BMW X5 was manufactured to the highest quality standards and tested by a team of experts in Germany. Before its market release, every component has to pass numerous tests, such as the burst test and the continuous load test.
The Brand New Air Spring is Versatile
The air spring by Aerosus was specially developed for BMW X5 E70 models with sports suspension. Due to the similar design of BMW vehicles, the brand-new component is also suitable for the BMW X5 F85 series with M suspension and the BMW X6 F86 with M suspension. The air springs can be used for both the right and left side of the rear axle. Even with optional suspension versions such as "Dynamic Performance Control", the active roll stabilisation "Adaptive Drive" or "Dynamic Drive", the air springs can be used without any problems. If you own a BMW X5 E70 without sports suspension, we also offer corresponding products in our extensive product range.
Complete Package for the Exchange of Air Springs
The ride of the BMW X5 E70 series with the sports suspension feels slightly harder than in comparable models without sports suspension. Therefore, the matching air spring is shorter than the air spring for vehicles without sports suspension. In order to guarantee a flawless replacement and a simple assembly of the Aerosus air suspensions, we deliver these components with a protective sleeve and a compressed air connection included. The air sleeve protects the spring from dirt and thus contributes to a long-lasting faultless function.
Timely Exchange of Air Suspension in Case of Defect

If you notice that the compressor of your BMW X5 is running too often, this usually indicates a problem with the air springs. Also, a crooked position of the vehicle when parked is often a sign that the air suspension is defective. In this case, you should exchange the defective parts quickly, so the compressor doesn’t get damaged as well. If you don’t replace the air spring on time, the compressor will run more often than normal and can overheat or let moist air in the system.

Since the air springs usually wear on both sides in parallel, we recommend a pair-wise exchange. This is cheaper not only due to the single workshop visit. We at Aerosus offer you a discount of 10% on all pair purchases. Of course, you also benefit from the 24-month warranty and top quality, which is standard at Aerosus.


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