BOYA BY-WM8R UHF Dual-Anrenna Wireless Microphone


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Wireless microphone receiver for ENG(electronic new gathering), EFP(electronic field production), DSLR video, etc.
Dual-antenna(A/B) design, 1 receiver can work with 1 transmitter or 2 transmitters simultaneously, perfect for interviews as well.
UHF 576.4MHz-599.9MHz(A)/ 568.6MHz-592.1MHz(B)frequency band, 48 selectable channels, can avoid signal obstruction effectively.
One 3.5mm stereo mini jack for connecting headphone to monitor the receiver output sound.
One 3.5mm LINE output for connecting the receiver with DSLR camera, camcorder, mixer, amplifier, etc.
With belt clip and shoe mount adapter, you can fix the receiver to your belt or install to the camera top.
With LED display showing the channel information,battery capacity and so on.


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