Broadfix Double Snap Wedges Clam Pack Brown 16 Piece


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The Broadfix Double Snap Wedges with pre-set snap points for super quick shimming, snaps both ways. They have been manufactured with a high percentage of post-consumer recycled material. As they are made from plastic they will not swell, shrink or rot, they are completely waterproof. Capable of withstanding higher compressive loads than traditional timber flat packers. This also makes them more economical. They are colour coded depending on size, for easy identification. These long tapered wedge shims can either be used alone, or in pairs. Paired or ‘opposing’ shimming allows you to achieve a flat level surface which is capable of fine adjustment to achieve the exact thickness. Used alone, its tapered shape allows it to be inserted into tight shimming spots, and hammered in to the required depth.The surplus is then snapped off at one of the preset break-points. (Tip – you can then use the surplus for another shimming job elsewhere!) Size: 195 x 41mm.Number of Pieces: 16, Brown.


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