DMT D6E Diamond Sharp Whetstone 6 x 2in – Extra Fine


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The DMT D9 Diamond sharpening bench whetstone has non-slip feet and will not break, chip, crack, hollow or groove. The D6 whetstone is made from the hardest material which is one of the most efficient sharpening abrasive. Available in unique interrupted surface and continuous surface, light pressure produces a sharp edge with just a few strokes. Use water for lubrication no oil, smell or mess and can hone ALL hard materials: carbide, steel, etc. and is supplied with Non-skid mat. Precision, continuous monocrystalline diamond bench whetstones with rubber feet. The grit size is etched into the side of the whetstone. The grits are denoted by a dual coloured circle which is set into one end. Blue: Coarse Grade 325, 45 micron.Red: Fine Grade 600, 25 micron.Green: Extra Fine Grade 1200, 9 micron.Green: Extra Fine 1200g, 9 micron


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