E-Magnets 661 Flexible Magnetic Tape 12.5mm x 10m


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E-Magnets Flexible Magnetic Tape is adhesive backed and provides an ideal way of attracting items to steel surfaces and for getting materials to stick together by using tape upon tape. The tape is ideal for exhibition displays, removable signs, magnetic seals, removable access panels and many more applications where something needs to be easily removed and replaced without any tools. The flexible magnetic tape is easily cut to size with normal scissors, craft knife, stanley knife or a guillotine. It is flexible, allowing it to follow gentle contours and curves.Maximum operating temperature: 50º C.Maximum pull: 50g per square cm.The E-Magnets 661 Flexible Magnetic Tape has the following specifications: Width: 12.5mm (1/2inch). Thickness: 0.8mm (0.0315 inch). Length: 10 Metres.


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