Emustil Natural Eye Drop Emulsion 20×0.3ml


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Emustil Natural Eye Drop EmulsionEmustil Natural Eye Drop Emulsion lubricates and hydrates the surface of the eye to relieve the symptoms of dryness and general discomfort resulting from increased evaporation of tears from the eye.Emustil Natural Eye Drop Emulsion consists of an aqueous component and a mixture of natural lipids, which have lubricating and hydrating properties for the eye surface. It works by becoming integrated with the tear film, forming a protective barrier to increases tear film stability and reduces evaporation of the tear film from the surface of the eye.Emustil Natural Eye Drop Emulsion is preservative and phosphate free which means it is less likely to cause additional irritation and can be used by those who are sensitive to the preservatives in other kinds of eye drops. Emustil Natural Eye Drop Emulsion is suitable for all contact lens wearers and is supplied in convenient single-dose units for people on the go.


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