Facom 440.13 Combination Spanner 13mm


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The Facom 440 OGV® metric combination wrenches combine high mechanical performance with compact design, complying with aeronautical standards. Ring clearance is designed for better access to recessed or closely spaced screws and the 12-point OGV® profile of the 15º angled ring head allows for a high torque without damaging the nut. The wrenches have optimised open end / handle geometry, offering increased accessibility and feature ground contact faces. Finished in satin chrome.Industrial and automotive: Conforms to ISO 691, NF ISO 691, ISO 7738, NF ISO 7738, ISO 3318, NF ISO 3318, ISO 1711-1, NF ISO 1711-1 and NF E74-306.Aerospace : Conforms to SAE AS 954E.The FCM44013 Combination Spanner has the following specifications:Head size: 13mm.Length: 170mm.


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