Faithfull Triple Pad Aluminium Pro Suction Lifter


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The Faithfull Triple Pad Aluminium Pro Suction Lifter will grip to most flat surface non-porous materials and is ideal for use when handling heavy, awkward and hard to hold items such as glass, sheet metal, large tiles, marble and many other materials during building installation and servicing. The suction lifter has a heavy duty aluminium body with three 120mm rubber gripping pads each fitted with a simple lever action, locking vacuum system. Three pads provide an increased lifting capacity, added safety and security by spreading the total load. The vacuum system will support loads of up to 150kg (330lbs) when used in a vertical orientation and up to 130kgs (286lbs) when used in a horizontal orientation. Care should always be taken when calculating the total load to be lifted. DO NOT EXCEED THE MAXIMUM LOAD.


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