Faithfull Tungsten Carbide Router Bit Set 12 in Carry Case


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The Faithfull 12 Piece Router Bit Set with 1/4in shank. Tungsten Carbide tips ensure long life and the storage case provides a safe place to store the bits when they are not being used. Different cutter shapes enable the creation of a variety of profiles, grooves and mouldings in softwoods, hardwoods, MDF or plywood. Shank: 6.3mm (1/4in). Set Contains: (Diameter/Depth) 1 x Dovetail (12.7/13mm).1 x Straight (6/20mm).1 x Straight (12/20mm).1 x Straight (16/20mm).1 x Flush trim (12.7/13mm).1 x Rounding over R7.9mm (25/14mm).1 x Rounding over R9.5mm (28/14mm).1 x Roman ogee R4mm (25/12mm).1 x Core box R6.3mm (12.7/10mm).1 x Cove 6.3mm (22/12mm).1 x 45° Chamfer (32/13mm).1 x 90° V Grooving (12.7/9mm).


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