Foot Massage Device – combination of fine & coarse groves


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Relieves stress & promote blood circulation The wooden foot massage device comes with small wooden rollers that perfectly fit the contours of the feet. The small rollers apply pressure to the important areas of the feet or hands to help relieve stress and increase energy. The handmade birch wood massage device is equipped with various rollers to perform different massaging techniques. Thanks to its width, it is suitable for all foot sizes. Application: Do not step on or stand on the massage device. It may break or cause serious injuries. Place the device on the floor and sit in front of it. Place both feet on the rollers and move the feet to and fro. Apply increased pressure if needed. To massage the hands, place the device on a table or a flat surface of a comfortable height. Note: Store in a dry place at room temperature. Do not place in water nor use to massage moist/wet hands and feet. Wipe clean with a cotton cloth.


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