Footprint 256 Brass Back Tenon Saw 350mm 14in 12tpi


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The Footprint Tenon Saw is traditionally used for cutting tenon joints and other detailed sawing requirements. Made from high quality spring alloy steel, the blade can be re-sharpened time and time again. The teeth have been precision ground and set to ensure a clean cut. A heavy duty brass back provides rigidity and support to the blade, giving a great cutting feel. The handle is made from an attractive two tone lacquered beechwood. It is of a traditional design providing superb comfort and strength adding to the feel and balance of the saw. Three brass screws securely fit the handle to the saw blade. Made in Sheffield, England.Footprint 256 Brass Back Tenon Saw has the following specification: Length: 350mm (14in).Teeth: 13 tpi.


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