Forgefix Masonry Anchor Bolt Projecting ZYP M6 x 60mm Bag of 10


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These Forgefix Masonry Anchor Projection Bolts have a Zinc Yellow Passivated finish for increased durability and resistance to corrosion. They have a tough and reliable construction to cover most heavy-duty fixing applications. The four-way expansion shield offers extremely strong and secure anchorage, and the specially manufactured retaining spring ensures encapsulation of the wedge during expansion. Projection bolts offer easier fixture removal or repositioning due to the bolt remaining in the shield. APPLICATION:Ideal for securing reinforcement wall plates, lighting supports, guy ropes and bracketry.Ensure the correct socket drive or spanner is used to ensure accurate installation. When sizing a Masonry Anchors it is most important to know the depth of the material that you are fixing.Eg: Size M610: The ‘M6′ is the thread size of the bolt. The ’10’ denotes the maximum thickness of material it will fix. The Zinc Yellow Passivation process of electroplating is similar to the ‘Galvanised’ and ‘Zinc Plated’ processes but with the addition of a yellow dye. It provides a coating that is aesthetically pleasing, and which offers excellent resistance to corrosion.Masonry Anchor Bolt Projecting Zinc Yellow Passivated M6 x 60 Bag 10


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