HAD Smog Protection, multifunctional headwear


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On the streets of the city we are constantly exposed to fine dust – with the road bike as well as the motorcycle. And in the wild – in the trail, on foot or on the bike, we suffer from the pollen. But still: Who likes to put on a respirator on sports? Often, the available models are rather cumbersome and impractical. The innovative H.A.D.® Smog Protection Functional Cloth represents a novel symbiosis of a H.A.D. Originals functional cloth and a wash-resistant respirator that filters allergy-producing pollens and harmful particulate matter by 70%! A practical smart accessory with real added value. Suitable for everyone and every activity. Completely seamless, of course 100% Made in Germany!
Width: 25 cm Height: 50 cm filters 70% of harmful particulate matter Category PM 10 (Dekra Standard) filters 70% of allergy-promoting pollen Category PM 10 (Dekra Standard) High breathability (does not bother or hinder sports) embedded nose clip for individual fit seamless tape and bonding processing 3-D shaped mask Hygienic mask protection by wash-permanent X-static XT2 material H.A.D.® Originals Multifunctional Cloth (Better Stretch & Longer Life) reflective mask panel for visibility and road safety 100% Made in Germany
packing instructions The H.A.D. Smog Protection® comes in a resealable packaging!
Everything you should know about H.A.D.® Originals You think you hold a simple tube in your hands? Not even close! Be sure you have a real quality product in front of you that does a lot and still has a lot of style!
The seamlessly knitted H.A.D.® Originals have stood for 15 years for multifunctional headwear in first-class quality à la Made in Germany.
H.A.D.® Originals are 100% made in Germany in their own production. Only in this way can we sustainably guarantee the high quality standards of the functional cloths for our customers.
H.A.D.® products are characterized by their durability in knitting and printing. Where another cloth begins to wear off after weeks and washes, H.A.D.® Originals retain their fit and (colourfastness) colourfulness even years later. This is confirmed by a continuously growing community from all over the world that leaves nothing but H.A.D.® wipes on and around their heads. She is the motivation to constantly think and improve H.A.D.® Originals.
applications The H.A.D. Originals functional cloth can be easily transformed into headband, scarf, hat, pirate cloth and much more.


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