Hultafors HDC40 Heavy-Duty Chisel 40mm


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The Hultafors HDC Heavy-Duty Chisel has a perfect ground blade, bevelled at 25° for the best ratio possible between sharpness and durability. It is forged in one piece with an I-beam going all through for extreme durability and to maximise the force transmission down to the workpiece. The entire chisel including the handle can be positioned flat against the surface for an increased number of applications. The chisel is fitted with a santoprene handle, optimised for both power and precision. Chisels with perfect precision, sharp, heavy duty, and always close at hand. They are ready for tasks requiring extreme strength and precision. They come with a smart holster made from durable PP plastic for increased accessibility, the holster can easily be attached to a belt or on a button. Replaceable nylon striker available as spare part.Hultafors HDC40 Heavy-Duty Chisel 40mm


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