Ion8 Leak Proof Kids Drinks Flask or Cold Water Bottle. Non Toxic BPA Free 350ml – Frosted Aqua


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Easy Drink System Open with One Hand The flip top springs open with a single finger. Open and seal closed again in an instant. The pouring spout is under a hard shell, keeping it clean, fresh and hygienic. No dirt, no wiping. Smooth, Vented Liquid Flow Most rigid water bottles are painfully slow to drink from. Soft bottles can be squeezed, but can leak. Ion8 is rigid and has a vented, smooth liquid flow. No glugging, no squeezing, no painful suction Just effortless hydration. Easy to Carry Soft touch feel outer walls provide improved scratch resistance. A tough hand strap or hook keeps it secure. Hang it up when outdoors, or carry it with just one finger.Ion8 is suitable for hot and cold drinks from -10°C to 96°C. Note: With extremely hot drinks, the bottle can be uncomfortable to hold without gloves. But it makes a great hand warmer in winter.BPA Free Water Bottle Made with Tritan from the USA Ion8 BPA Free (*) water bottles are made from BPA free, phthalate free, non-toxic Tritan by Eastman. Tritan is highly resistant to odours, and can be easily cleaned. (* BPA Free tests 2018,, SP-MBS-6158) Tritan is approved for food contact use by the US Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada, European Food Safety Authority, European Commission, Japanese Jhospa and is Greenguard Indoor Air Quality assured. Usage and Washing Before use always rinse the water bottle and cap with cool water. After use always rinse in warm water and dish soap only. Do not use brushes or abrasives to scrub. Air dry thoroughly before storing and always store with cap off. Either hand wash or dishwasher on a cool wash.Do not freeze when full Do not boil or microwave bottle Do not use for carbonated drinks Do not use for non-drinkable liquids Do not wash in a dishwasher on a hot cycle


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