Kidde Easi-Action Home Fire Extinguisher 2.0kg


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The Kidde ‘Easi-Action’ Fire Extinguisher is designed for use in the home and can be used to put out a small fire before it gets out of control and without taking unnecessary risks. The fire extinguisher is ABC rated, meaning that it can be used on:A: Wood, paper and textiles.B: Petrol, oils and paints.C: Flammable gases. The extinguisher has an Easi-Action, allowing one-handed use. It has a pressure gauge for added reassurance that the extinguisher is fully charged and ready to use. A mounting bracket is included as standard. Fully approved to the European Standard EN3 and safe for use on electrical fires. Specification Fire rating: 13A 89BC.Extinguishing agent: 2kg dry powder (Glutex).Discharge range: 4m.Temperature range: -30° to +60°.Propellant: 15 bar Nitrogen.


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