Kingavon LED Toilet Night Light with Motion Sensor and 8 Colour Change


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Less disturbance in the middle of the night – no bright lights in your eyes to wake you up more than is necessary and helping you to stay in your blissfully rested state! This motion activated light helps to prevent late night accidents. Ideal for all ages but really nice for kids and also the elderly. The flexible plastic arm fitsaround the toilet bowl rim and the button control sets the light to either single or changeable light colours. It requires 3x AAA / LR03 batteries (these are not included). Manufactured in durable and easy clean ABS material. The unit is ideally placed where motion sensor is facing your doorway so that they light comes on as soon as you open the toilet/bathroom door. If the unit senses any movement it will continue to remain on. Turns off after approx. 20 to 30 seconds if no movement is detected. 


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