Liebherr IKBP3560 Fridge Integrated BioFresh 301 litre A+++ Energy


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Liebherr IKBP3560 Premium BioFresh is an energy-efficient integrated fridge with a net capacity of 301L. This interchangeable built-in fridge equipped with bio fresh that is sure to keep all your food and fruits fresh for a longer time. It features a softsystem closing mechanism that ensures that the doors close smoothly, even if fully loaded inside. Its door closes automatically from an opening angle of about 30°. Liebherr Integrable built-in fridge, has drawers that can be easily removed from the door at an opening angle of 90°. Safe and practical to use, IKBP3560 has an LED Light column that radiates the interiors evenly as soon as the door is opened. The automatic SuperCool function lowers the fridge temperature down to as far as +2°C for as long as 12 hours and ensures that it rapidly cools the freshly stored food.


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