LS2 FF353 Rapid Deadbolt, integral helmet


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Features Shell
ECE 22.05 GR 1250 ± 50 HPTT 3 Shells Long, Oval
Quick Release System Scratch Resistant UV Resistant Anti Fog System
Removable and Washable Breathable Hypoallergenic Laser-Cut Foam Breath Deflector
Quick Release Strap Reinforced Chin Strap Multi-Density EPS Neck Roll
Channeled Ports Chin Vent Top Vent Exhaust Port
HPTT High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology. In an exclusive process developed by LS2 researchers named HPTT (High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology) a mix of ABS is injected in moulds. The moulds used in this high precision industrial process are sculpted from blocks of metal weighing several hundred kilos. Quick Release Strap The metal buckle attaches to a high quality safety strap. On the other strap is a ribbed plastic tab. Insert the ribbed plastic tab into the metal buckle. You ll hear a light “clicking” sound. Continue to slide it until you get a comfortable, snug fit. Pull the ribbon on the lever to release. For additional initial adjustment, use the metal slider buckle on the strap with the ribbed plastic tab to take up excess strap.


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