One For All Replacement Philips TV Remote Control


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Philips TV Replacement Remote
This is the best Philips replacement remote when your original
Philips remote is broke or got lost. This remote is 100% compatible with
Philips TVs. It works exactly like your old Philips remote and offers the
same functions as your original Philips Remote.

No setup required
Simply insert the batteries and start using your Philips TV
replacement Remote ( 2xAAA not included)

Same functions as your original remote
The Philips replacement remote supports all common Philips functions
like Browse Menu, Home and Ambilight.

Works with all types of Philips Televisions
The Philips TV replacement remote is compatible with all types of
TVs like LCD, LED and Plasma. This is the only true Philips Replacement

Box Contains
1 x Universal Remote Control


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