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Keep your phone protected from bumps, scrapes and drops with the
oneo FUSION phone case. Featuring a lightweight design, this stylish case
adds a double layer of protection for your device. A ThermoPlastic
Urethane and Polycarbonate shell offers impact resistance for drops and
defends against scratches. With cutouts for all ports and features, this
oneo FUSION case provide effortless functionality for your device.

Protects From Damage
This FUSION phone case from oneo provides ultimate must-have protection
for your mobile device. This case offers a rugged design, whilst a high
level of impact absorption acts as a wall of defense against damage to
your phone. Rounded corners prevent drops from becoming disasters, as they
disperse the impact throughout the phone case so that it doesn’t affect
just one area of your device.

Double Layer Protection
The dual-layered case consists of ThermoPlastic Urethane and Polycarbonate
materials which shields your smartphone against damage from bumps and
falls by absorbing the force. Compared to single-layer cases, the
double-layer oneo FUSION provides enhanced, military-grade protection for
the ultimate peace of mind.

Geometric Design
Featuring a geometric design, give your phone a stylish look with the
protective oneo FUSION case. The geometric pattern and slim profile makes
this case easy to hold all while complemented the sleek design of your
phone. It slips on neatly and remains secure throughout the day, whilst
the seriously lightweight design reduces bulk, making it easy to slip in
your pocket.

Easily Access All Ports and Features
With full access to all of the features and ports on your phone, the oneo
FUSION case will allow you to use your phone just as your normally would,
by not blocking any of the functions such as the power and volume buttons,
charging ports, and front and rear cameras.

Key Features:
– High-level of impact absorption protects from damage
– Double layer offers enhanced protection from bumps and drops
– Geometric design gives your phone a stylish look
– Easily access all ports and features with cut-outs

Box Contents
1 x oneo FUSION iPhone 11 Pro Max Case – Silver.

Buy With Confidence
This oneo product comes with a 2 year warranty from
the manufacturer, giving you the comfort and confidence you would expect
from a leading electronics brand. All products are subjected to an
extensive R&D and testing process before being added to the range. If you
would like to find out more visit them at


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