Original Walkera AIBAO GPS WIFI FPV Drone With 4K HD Camera APP Virtual Racing Drone RTF RC Quadcopter


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Compact and light weight, streamlined design, great sense of future technology, flawless smooth white body, lively and agile.
4k camera allows you to enjoy high-definition visual enjoyment.
Phone with MR Drone APP, wearing VR glasses, you can achieve an immersive first-person flying game experience.
You can experience the VR, immersive flight experience, enter into the game world.
Press the button on the transmitter, to achieve a key landing/return, help you easily get started flying.
High definition digital real-time image transmission system, super anti-jamming and long-distance transmission, you could see beauty scenery though in the far beyond the horizon.
Using Walkera intelligent flying platform, with a number of intelligent flight technique. Just a simple APP, let you operate easily, have fun to fly.
Equipped with a DEVO F8E transmitter, a brand new muilti-function remote gives you the ultimate controller experience.
GPS and Glonass protocols can send and receive GPS signals with more precision.
Setup a radius through the AR Drone App to achieve orbital flight around a stationary location.
Setup a flight path through the AR Drone App to follow specified waypoints.
Setup the hovering assistant's height and horizontal location for a solid hold even when external wind forces are applied.
Drawer-Style battery cabin design for very easy maintenance and safe usage. Includes rechargeable lithium ion battery for flight times up to 18 minutes. Ensured endurance produces an enhanced flight experience.


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