PNY CS900 2.5″ SATA III SSD Solid State Drive – 120GB


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The PNY CS900 2.5-inch SATA-III (6 Gb/s) solid-state drive (SSD) is the valueperformance line of PNY SSDs. It is an excellent choice for an entry-levelupgrade from a hard disk drive (HDD).The PNY CS900 was designed to be aneasy and cost-effective HDD replacement for your existing PC system, withouthaving to sacrifice performance. Upgrading to the CS900 SSD will help youexperience an overall performance boost. Boot up, power down, and loadapplications in seconds. With no moving parts, the PNY CS900 is highly durableand includes a 3-year limited warranty.The PNY CS900 is an excellent choice for energy efficiency and consumessignificantly less power than hard drives. Furthermore, PNY has designed theCS900 to be its lightest SSD to date. Users can benefit from lower power usage,longer battery life, and a cooler, quieter system. Spend more time enjoying yoursystem and less time worrying about battery consumptionQuality AssuranceAll PNY SSDs undergo extensive component and sub-system testing. We utilise high-quality NAND from the industry’s top vendors to ensure a solid SSD. Our SSDs are validated across applications and environments to ensure they meet the highest quality, reliability, and durability criteria.Proven ReliabilityOur SSDs undergo some of the most rigorous durability and validation testing in the industry, withstanding hundreds of qualification tests and over 10,000 hours of validation testing. Each SSD is guaranteed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding applications.Cool and Quiet OperationGenerating less heat than an HDD, PNY SSDs ultimately increase the life of your PC. Our SSDs reduce operating temperature and potential damage from overheating. Additionally, SSDs don’t produce any noise, making your PC significantly quieter.Energy EfficientPNY SSDs feature low-wattage and function with an advanced lower-power mode. On average, PNY SSDs consume 30% less power than HDDs. If you’re aiming to build a silent, green PC, PNY SSDs are a must have on item your checklist.Shock ProofPNY SSDs are up to 30 times more robust than HDDs, making it less likely to fail in extreme environments, including high and low temperatures. The non-volatile NAND in the system enables the SSD to retain its memory if your computer ever falls or is dropped.3-Year WarrantyWith stringent endurance standards in place, PNY stands behind our SSDs – which is proven with our competitive three year warranty.


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