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ProPlus Tablets ProPlus can help combat tiredness and fatigue and is the caffeine equivalent of having a cup of strong coffee. Tiredness affects everybody from time to time and the most common cause of tiredness is lack of sleep. ProPlus could temporarily support the body to beating tiredness and assist at times such as revising for exams.
Fatigue is harder to define and although those with busy lifestyles can suffer from fatigue once in a while, if you feel tired all the time you may be suffering from chronic fatigue and should consult your doctor.
ProPlus gives you a fast acting caffeine boost that relieves fatigue and tiredness and helps you feel more awake.
Busy professionals, students and basically all those that sometimes feel they need to burn the candle at both ends will sometimes experience the signs of fatigue and tiredness and appreciate the effects of ProPlus.
So whether you need an afternoon boost to get you through a lecture, meeting or even a heavy evening ahead ProPlus Tablets can give you the caffeine boost you need to keep you going.
Whenever you need to temporarily relieve tiredness, ProPlus provides the body with a shot of caffeine that will help you to feel more awake. Which in turn will enable you to concentrate and be more alert.
It’s been proven that if you’ve been awake for more than 18 hours your response levels can become 50% slower as fatigue and tiredness set in. This can make a huge difference to your performance.
Two tablets of ProPlus contain 100mg of caffeine – that’s equivalent to a strong cup of coffee and will help you to maintain mental alertness and help you to feel less tired, although it’s important to remember that sleep is the best and most natural solution to keep tiredness at bay.
Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, and is often used to help restore mental alertness when drowsiness occurs.
It is important to note, that ProPlus cannot replace sleep, and should be used only occasionally as an alertness aid.


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