Rapid RP60 Swivel Head Hand Riveter


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Fixing with rivets is easy. In just a few quick steps you can achieve a tight, secure and permanent bond. There are many applications for rivets, including fixing licence plates, all types of metal sheets, repairing exhausts on motorbikes, handles of a school bag, strengthening plastic sheets or leather coverings and decorating fabrics. The Rapid RP60 Swivel Head Riveter has a 360° pivoting head which allows working in all conditions. Simply adjust the angle of the head to fix the rivet in hard to access places. The riveter is ideal for motorbike and car repairs. It has a soft grip handle for comfort and interchanging nozzles to fix all diameters of rivets. A wrench is integrated into the handle to make changing the nozzle quick and easy. This riveter is a strong and durable tool with reinforced metal parts and covered by a 3-year guarantee. It is suitable for 3.2, 4.0 and 4.8mm aluminium rivets.


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