Ridgid SeeSnake MAX rM200 Inspection Camera Kit With Digital Monitor


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The RIDGID SeeSnake® MAX rM200 Inspection Camera Kit combines portability and versatility to make your drain inspections easy and efficient. The SeeSnake® MAX rM200 features a push cable for greater abrasion resistance and more efficient push-ability. This makes inspections easier than ever allowing you to push further with less effort. The ultra compact camera head allows easier passage through tight turns while still illuminating pipes up to 8in. Docking system allows you to attach monitors for easy transport and connected viewing. Camera Head: 25mm.Cable Length: 61m.Lighting: 6 LED lights.Camera: Self-levelling View.Resolution: NTSC 656 x 492 Pixels; PAL 768 x 576 Pixels.Drum Diameter: 17in (43.2cm).Sonde Frequency: 512Hz.Minimum Bend Radius: 2.8in (7.1cm), Pipe Capacity: 1.5-8in (3.8-20.3cm)*.*When used with a 5in (12.5cm) pipe guide. The RIDGID CS6 Inspection Monitor captures still images and video clips directly to a USB thumb drive for fast, efficient documentation of inspection jobs. It automatically generates high quality multi-media reports, that can be edited, archived and then deliver the reports via print, DVD, or online system. It is fitted with a water-resistant keypad for direct control of essential camera and monitor functions and there is also an on-screen keyboard for basic titling and text entry. The monitor has a daylight viewable display for a crisp, clear in-pipe image. Screen: 4.5in Colour LCD, 640 x 480.Power Source: 18 Volt Battery/18 Volt AC Power Adaptor.Audio: Integrated Microphone and Speakers.Video: MPEG4 (H.264) 30 FPS.Autolog: MPEG4 (H.264) Variable Frame Rate.Weight: 1.6kg. It also comes with 1 x 18 Volt Advanced Lithium Battery and 1 x Charger.


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