Safemore Vertical Power Stacker Origin Series – Orange/Blue


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VPS solves a charging problem. All units come with 4 USB ports and 6
standard outlets. With 2.1A output, you no longer need to use power
sockets for charging smart phones or tablets!

A colourful design to lighten up your desk, with intellectual USB
charging port charging cable.

Key Features
– Built in IC Chip
– 4 USB Ports
– 6 Standard Outlets
– Built in overload protector
– 750C fire retardant
– Lifetime: Over 5000 insertions

Material: PC + FIRE Retardant ABS
Switch: 2x Double Pole Switch
Power Cable: 2 Metre Pure Copper Cable
USB Output: 5V 2.1A
Dimension: 149x140x167mm
Safety: Overload pro-lifer


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