Shoei Hornet DS, enduro helmet


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The new dual-purpose SHOEI Hornet-DS delivers double action! The Hornet-DS is a SHOEI helmet that is designed for use on all terrains. It unites the advantages of a full face helmet with those of an off road helmet. That means first-rate enjoyment both on and off the road. SHOEI s Hornet-DS is the perfect symbiosis of design and function. The removable visor shield doesn t just look fantastic, it also ensures perfect aerodynamics and keeps the rider s face safe from flying dirt on off-road terrain. The wedge-shape design reduces drag especially at high speeds. It diverts the airstream to the back of the helmet which reduces wind pressure.
Shell in AIM Modular EPS liner system with two densities Mist-retardant C-49 pinlock visor Double-D ring
4 different outer shell construction sizes Low weight of only 1,430 g (+/- 50 g) for size M cheek pads and 3D centre pad Entirely detachable and washable inner liner Detachable and washable chin strap cover Chin Curtain H
Multiple venting and extraction Inlet vents in the upper head area, forhead and chin areas 2 outlet vents integrated in the Air Stabilizer, 2 in the neck area Separate visor ventilation Nose cover
2 different visors cheek pads and 3D centre pad The helmet comes with a Chin Curtain H
covers for the visor mechanism original SHOEI helmet bag


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