SLADE 8 Holes keyless Colorful Portable Pocket Saxophone


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Description:Name: Pocket SaxophoneColor: Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, WhiteHole: 8 HolesMaterial: ABS ResinUsage: For any music amateur and professional person.Features:- Made of solid ABS and can be used for a long time.- Mini and lightweight, convenient to carry.- The pocket saxophone is a necessity for any music amateur and professional person.- Pocket saxophone is a simple saxophone, a wind instrument without keys. The flute head of the pocket saxophone can be directly used for the alto saxophone, so the pocket saxophone and the regular saxophone have the same sound source, and the oral skills are completely interchangeable.- Bag saxophone material USES environmental protection ABS resin, feel is excellent.- Compact and portable, pure timbre, ready to pick up the hammer, moderate volume is not disturbing.- Sentinel materials used in polyethylene resin, non – toxic, odorless, can be used at ease.- Will not be damaged due to use, not affected by temperature, humidity, high temperature, corrosion.- The resin reed has high hardness, brighter and higher pitch pitch than the common reed reed, which is more durable and abundant.- The resin whistle can be reused after rinsing with water.Package included:1 x Pocket Saxophone1 x Cleaning Cloth1 x Resin Reeds1 x Bag1 pair of Gloves


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