Solar Powered Red LED Predator Deterrent Lights Guard Light


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FLASHING RED LIGHTS IMITATES others predators' eyes and fire to drive nocturnal animals away.
SOLAR POWERED: The light absorbs sunlight and transfer the sunlight into energy to provide the power for this light to run at nigh. It is maintenance-free and electricity-saving.
AUTOMATIC LIGHT SENSITIVITY: After switch on the light, it will automatically turn itself on at dusk to provide all night protection, and auto turn itself off at dawn
4 SUPER MAGNETS: 4 magnets for instant installation and movement, Also, there is a screw hole for fixing.
REPELS ALL COMMON NIGHT PREDATORS: Fox, deer, wolf, coyote, skunk, bear, owls, hawks and more.
PROTECT your gardens, orchards, vineyards, ponds, chicken coops, goats, trash bins, camp sites from night predators attracting.


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