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The Warrior technology is based on highly shock absorbing light composite materials cells. The tangible result is a cat. 2 certification with an average shock absorbing factor of 9 KiloNewtons. During certification tests for this kind of protectors, the required value of residual energy must not be over 18 KNs. The residual energy of Warrior Back is 7.8 KNs. Surprisingly light, thin and comfortable, this protector evolves the idea of the improved comfort as a factor in improving safety, because it makes riding easier and let the rider concentrate better. The air canalization and the internal mesh are aimed at improving air circulation, about 50% more than regular back protectors. The implementation of comfortable advanced material and an innovative design allowed the Back Warrior to stay under 560g of total weigh, this against and average 900g of traditional protectors. Great focus on ergonomics: a double fastening system on the belt and different size scales for man and lady guarantee a custom fitting from 145 cm to 195 cm of height. This customization is also aimed at always having the protector to adhere at rider s back and to not interfere with the jackets worn.
An exact fit is decisive for an optimum protection. Please take the correct order size from the size table:

Size table

Waist (C)
(H) 160/170 cm (H) 170/180 cm (H) 180/195 cm

up to 93 cm Z116 – M Z117 – M Z118 – M

up to 102 cm Z116 – L Z117 – L Z118 – L

up to 120 cm Z116 – XL Z117 – XL Z118 – XL

up to 127 cm Z116 – XL Z117 – XL Z118 – XL


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