Super Rods Cable Quick Set


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All components and sets of the Quick family are interchangeable with each other. The three main Quick sets available have been specifically tailored to suit each industry’s needs. Whether you are an electrician, plumber or builder, using these ranges will speed up pipe and cable installations dramatically, cut down on disruption to work sites, as well as allowing you to reach areas where your hands and fingers can’t! Super rods use a highly precise swaging process to produce all their rods. If you look at the rod end fittings you will see the indents from this process. Unlike crimping, swaging is consistent, ensuring minimum tensile loads are continually achieved. Furthermore, swaging is almost twice as strong as gluing and does not require any chemicals. Aimed at electricians, Cable Quick is perfect for installing cable into awkward areas such as cavity walls, under floors and through walls. Contents:10 x 4mm x 1 metre GRP rods1 x Mini Eye1 x Mini Hook1 x Flexi Lead (130mm x 4mm)


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