The Source Airshot Foam Dart Gun


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For those of you wanting to have a blast playing target air shot we
recommend the amazing Airshot Foam Dart Gun game. Unlike your average
target-hitting game, it features a special air shot machine which makes
the 5 target balls hover on individual streams of air. Armed with the foam
bullet gun, budding marksmen have to take turns blasting ’em out of the

Because the balls bobble up and down at different heights, they’re far
harder for you to hit. You’ll need to use all your sharpshooting skills to
blast all 5 balls, beat your friends and become target air shot champion.
The bullets have soft foam tops which won’t cause harm or damage if they
hit something, making the game perfectly safe to play indoors.

All you have to do is set up the target base and turn it on, and five
styrofoam balls are suspended in mid-air. Once that’s ready, all you have
to do is load the dart, pull back the slider, and unleash! Those poor
styrofoam balls won’t know what hit them. Just try not to accidentally hit
anyone in the face and you’ll be fine.

Requires 3 x C batteries (Not included)

Box measures approx. 33cm x 28cm x 10cm
For ages 8+

Box Contents
1 x Air Shot target base
2 x Blasters
6 x Foam darts
5 x Soft styrofoam balls


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