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Flying an RC Drone is a whole lot of fun, however learning to fly a Drone
can be tricky and a little frustrating. And crashing a drone just plain
sucks! If only there was an easy way.
With the Motion Drone you can go straight from novice to pro in a matter
of seconds! This is all thanks to a brand new intuitive way to fly.

A new way to fly
Gone is the complicated remote and in comes a computer mouse styled
gadget that works with the motion of your hand. Move your hand left and
the drone flies to the left. Tilt your hand forwards and the drone flies
forward. In no time at all you’ll have on-lookers thinking you’ve been
flying for years, or inherited some serious Jedi skills!

Auto take-off and land
Getting the drone up in the air or getting it to land safely might
seem easy, until you try it and then reality hits. Too much or too little
power and it can end in disaster. With the Motion Drone it’s a breeze.
Simply press the button on the side of the remote and up it goes. Press it
again and watch it land without a hitch.

Altitude hold
The Motion Drone has a nifty feature where it automatically holds
its height for you. That means you can focus on flying it where you want
it to go without the worry of going too high and out of range, or too low
and hitting the floor!

Headless mode
Headless mode is a great feature, particularly for new pilots, which
makes flying even easier. Now you don’t need to worry about which way the
drone is facing and trying to figure out the correct command to give it.
Simply put, if you want the drone to go to the left, tilt your hand left
and that’s the way it will go, regardless of which way the drone is
actually facing. Plus, headless mode gives you the opportunity to perform
amazing 360° flips with ease. Simply push up the trigger on the side and
watch in awe as the drone works its magic.

The Motion Control Drone is so incredibly easy to use, that we actually
struggled to crash it! So if you are all about the newest technology, then
this innovative flyer is a perfect gift from you to you. Or to someone
else if you’re feeling especially kind.

Control range approx. 50 metres
Charge time approx. 30 min
Flight time approx. 5 – 8 minutes
Drone battery – 3.7V-280mAh Li-Po
Recharge via USB cable included
Remote requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

Box Contents
1 x Drone
1 x Gesture controller
1 x LiPo battery
1 x USB charging cable
4 x Spare blades
2 x Finger holders
1 x Manual


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