ThiEYE T5 Edge 4K WiFi Action Sports Camera


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features a voice-activated remote control, 6-axis EIS stabilization technique, 2.0inch IPS screen and distortion correction function. There are multiple shooting modes, including time-lapse, photo burst, delay time photo, fast motion movie, slow motion movie and loop recording, for you to enjoy more fun. To connect your phone with camera, you can just scan the QR code, not inputting password. Small in size and big in function, You will definitely love it.

Voice control remote control, the camera will execute your oral command; 10 meters effective distance.
4K(3840 * 2160) 30fps ultra HD video quality; EIS 6-axis gyro stabilization technology largely enhance picture stability.
Max. 14MP high definition photo, the time-lapse, photo burst, delay time photo and long exposure modes can bring more fun.
Video shooting support fast motion movie, slow motion movie, time lapse and loop recording.
170 wide angle lens capture beautiful scene from a wider perspective. 2inch IPS screen offer better picture for real-time monitor and instant preview.
Distortion correction can eliminate lens distortion effect, the picture will seen more natural.
WiFi function enable your smartphone to control camera, edit and share video photos to friends online; Scan QR code to connect, no need to remember account and password.
Waterproof camera housing can go 60m underwater; Exclusive 360 swivel camera housing base and J-shape mount make it easier to adjust lens angle.


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