Union 2177 3 Lever Mortice Deadlock Satin Chrome 77.5mm 3in Visi Pack


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The Union 2177 3 lever mortice deadlocks are ideal for timber doors hinged on the left or right and they keys are suitable for doors up to 54mm thick. The deadbolt is locked or unlocked by the key from either side, and has a 12.5mm anti-saw deadbolt. The striking plate is finished to match the forend. Deadbolt Brass, with hardened steel rollersRebate Kit 2969 (13mm, 19mm or 25mm)Keying Groups May be supplied to pass, differ and keyed alike with 2077, 2157, 2277 and 2477Supplied with 2 steel nickel plated keysKeying 100 standard differs (numbers from M101M to M200M) A deadlock has a single deadbolt which is locked or unlocked and locked by means of a key from either side, whereas, a sashlock has both a deadbolt and a latch which is operated from either side by a lever handles. The security level of mortice deadlocks or sashlocks ranges from 2-5 levers. The higher the number of levers the more secure the lock is.Forend Finish: Satin Chrome (Striking Plate Security box type, finished to match forend)Case Size: 77.5mm x 70mm (3in)Backset: 57mm This is the measurement from the edge of the door to the centre of the keyhole.Pack: Visi


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