Union Replacement Door Closer Size 3 Silver Finish J-RETRO3-SIL


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UNION door closers are mainly used in commercial and public buildings but may also be used around the home where circumstances make their use desirable. They have a variety of uses and applications one of the main ones being to keep a door closed to limit the spread of fire and draught throughout a building. There are many different types of door closer available ranging from the simplest gate spring up to the more industrial floor springs. Included in successful fire tests to BS 1634-1. CE marked to EN 1154.This UNION UNNJRETRO3 retro-fit size 3 door closer which is independent, with concealed fully adjustable door speed and latch controls. Finish: SilverSize 3: Recommended door width 950mm-60Kg.Max opening angle – 180º.10 year guarantee.


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