Vemar Sharki Solid, modular helmet


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The top among VEMAR’s flip up helmet range. A real modular helmet, extremely versatile, built by thinking at those wanting the safety features of a full-face helmet but with the possibility to move to the comfort of an open face. The easily removable protective chin bar can be replaced by plates for covering the lifting mechanisms, and a full visor completes the transformation of a flip-up helmet into a real open face. Enlarged visual field for a limitless vertical and peripheral vision and visor prepared to fit Pinlock® MaxVision® lenses, particularly comfortable fitting, drop-down sun visor covering completely the visual field and Vemar Klima System (VKS), an efficient system for exhausting hot air from inside of the helmet. Further to the inner housings, an handy slot on the helmet shell allows to fir any type of communication system. Scratch resistant visor Visor with scratch-resistant treatment. Quick-Click sun visor mounting system The internal visor can be quickly replaced without using any tool. 100% Sun visor Internal sun visor with drop-down mechanism for a full coverage of the entire visual field. VKS – Vemar Klima System Ventilation system for exhausting hot air from the inside of the helmet. The fresh air taken in by the front and top ventilations blows the hot air through an inner channel system till it gets totally exhausted from the venting holes placed on the external rear area of the helmet. Ultra-wide viewport Maximum vertical visual field and full peripherical vision Removable and washable lining Fully detachable and washable comfort padding Pinlock® 100% Maxvision® ready Premium solution for a wide screen fog-free vision. The extended coverage of thePinlock® 100% MaxVision® lens reaches all edges of the visor and provides a largerfog-resistant coverage area. The visor is compatible with Pinlock® lenses, its silicone seal creates a double wall system between the helmet visor and the Pinlock® lens itself, which is made of a special hydrophilic material that absorbs moisture and assures a completely fog-free vision. Chin vent with directionable air flow A built-in mechanism in the chin ventilation allows the direction of the airflow on the rider’s mouth or on the visor’s surface. It can be switched by a lever inside the chinbar. Communikation ready Ready for easy installation of Bluetooth headsets Microlock Chinstrap with microlock closing buckle


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