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The vehicle manufacturer VW has also adapted to the high and increasing demand in the SUV sector. With the 7L series VW Touareg, the company developed a model that features both impressive appearance and optimal off-road capabilities. With the Aerosus compressor for the air suspension of your VW Touareg, you’ll acquire a high-quality spare part for this luxurious vehicle, which you’ll receive directly from us with a comprehensive equipment package included.
Compressor: Delivery Including Equipment Package
The compressor by Aerosus fits perfectly in all 7L VW Touareg of the first generation, which were built between 2002 and 2010. The Aerosus compressor is a plug & play spare part, which you can install and start using immediately after receipt. You’ll receive the compressor together with a 4-pin relay, a suction bridge, several connectors and a G290 thermal sensor. Our components undergo rigorous quality testing by our in-house team of experts in Germany before they are released on market.
Quality Compressor for Your 7L Series VW Touareg
The SUV Touareg was produced by Volkswagen between 2002 and 2010. The luxurious vehicle was also available with optional air suspension. It provides good handling during off-road driving and maximum ride comfort. With a compressor from Aerosus, you ensure the air springs are supplied with dried and compressed air at all times. In this way, a flexible level control is achieved and the desired level is maintained under all circumstances, which can significantly increase the ride comfort. All this is due to the air suspension.
Replacement of the Relay is Necessary for Perfect Operation
Our Aerosus compressor for the VW Touareg offers you consistently high performance of more than 10 bar. The pressure can even be increased up to 16 bar to fill the compressed air reservoir. If you replace the compressor of your vehicle, then it’s also necessary to replace the old relay with a new one. It is located on the relay carrier below the dashboard. The compressor itself is located under the car, centred on the right side.
If you notice symptoms of your vehicle, such as levelling problems, then it may indicate a compressor malfunction. Leaks in the air suspension are often responsible for the fact that the compressor has to run significantly more often and longer. That leads to overheating of the compressor and over-saturation with moisture of the integrated air dryer. It is therefore advisable to check the air springs for leaks before replacing a compressor yourself or at a garage.
Replace Compressor in Case of Pressure Loss
Even an aging compressor can cause problems by no longer delivering the desired and required pressure. You can replace this component yourself or visit a garage. If you choose the Aerosus compressor for your 7L series VW Touareg, you’ll benefit from good quality and a comprehensive service package. You will, of course, receive a 24Month warranty on all products. You won’t only get the usual 14-day cancellation period but will also benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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