Weedo F100 Mini Desktop 3D Printer


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This is a small 3d printer which is lightweight and portable. Build size: 125 * 130 * 160mm. And the weight of this 3d printer is 5kg – very nice 3d printers for kids.
It is a DIY 3d printer with quick released 3d printing platform and patented detachable 3d printer extruder, much easy to take down and maintenance
Applicable for Windows, Mac and Linux system. You can connect it with all kinds of machine you like, without limitation.
Detailed assembly instruction in the memory card for this mini 3d printer makes the installation of this 3d printer kit very simple and fun.
Comes with 3d printer filament to get you easy to start. Free tool set got everything you might need to use for this diy 3d printer kit.


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