Wera 2GO Tool Container


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The Wera 2go 2 Tool Container Set is the ideal solution for individual and convenient tool transport. The inner and outer hook & loop fastener zones ensure maximum space utilisation by enabling internal and external docking of Wera sets and Wera 2go articles. This means that an incredible number of tools can fit in and on the container. The robust and dimensionally stable design is made from plastic panels, covered with a fabric that is extremely resistant to cuts and punctures. Compatible with all other Wera 2go articles. Supplied with: 1 x Wera 2go 4 Tool Quiver with an individually adjustable hook & loop fastener partition for screwdrivers and other tools whilst maintaining a neat and tidy arrangement for ease of selection. 1 x Wera 2go 6 Shoulder Strap with wide, comfortable padded sections and an adjustable strap length. The shoulder strap allows Wera 2go toolbags to be suspended over the shoulder, enabling hands free transportation.


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