X-Lite X-551 GT Desert Hawk, enduro helmet


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The X-lite X-551 has become the X-lite X-551 “GT” (Gran Turismo). The use of latest generation fabrics for the new Touring Performance inner comfort padding and the redesigned configuration of the cheek pads have significantly improved comfort and fit. The look of the helmet has also been meticulously thought through.
Designed for riders of motard and street enduro motorbikes, but also ideal for dirt roads, the X-lite X-551 GT is available in three outer shell sizes and can be used in its full configuration or without the peak or the visor. It features a visor that is perfectly integrated with the design of the product, inner VPS (Vision Protection System) sunscreen and an efficient ventilation system.
The broad peak, designed for use on dirt roads, ensures adequate protection from the suns rays. Finally, the X-551 GT is equipped with a DD-ring retention system and is set up for the N-Com X-Series BX4 PLUS communication system.
Composite Fibre shell wind protector inner VPS sun visor, Fog Resistant Unitherm-Light inner lining Visor ready for Pinlock innovative ventilation system three different outer shell measurements for the six available sizes prepared for the n-com X-Series communication system Double D-Ring


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