Yale P401 Rim Lock Grey Finish 138 x 76mm Visi Pack


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The Yale 401 traditional rim locks provide basic security and should only be used where a high level of security is not required. Rim locks are ideal for internal doors or gates and outbuildings. These rim locks are held on by three screws and the keep by two screws; anyone with a simple screwdriver can remove the lock internally and open the door. It is operated by using the key and handle from either side of the door. One turn of the key deadlocks the bolt. For use with rim lock knob handles. Case Size: 138mm x 76mm.Backset: 42mm.This Yale P401GRY has a Case Finish in Grey and and is supplied with 2 keys. The lock is covered by a 2 Year Guarantee and has a Standard Security Rating. Visi Packed


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