Zarges Industrial Swingback Steps 8 Rungs


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The Zarges Industrial Swingback Steps have high strength for regular use and are the ultimate builders stepladder. The stepladder has a patented 7-point connection between tread and stile with reinforcing support rod through the centre of the tread. For safety, the ladder has non-slip rubber feet and large serrated treads. Smooth box section stiles ensure a comfortable hold, with no sharp edges. Optimal stability is provided thanks to locking side bars on both sides. They conform to EN 131, 150 kilo rating and BS 2037 class 1, 175 kilo rating. Comes with a ten year guarantee.Number of treads: 8. Open height: 1.73m. Closed length: 1.89m. Base width: 0.52m. Base spread: 1.24m. Weight: 8.4kg. Delivered Direct to Business, Site or Home, please note a carriage surcharge may apply dependant on the delivery address, please contact us for further details.


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